Feb 13

10 Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Copper Chef

Perhaps you have a fiancé, spouse or a child who loves traveling. The best gift for search a friend would be one that would help alleviate the stress of traveling and make life easier while on the go. Here are ten gift ideas to give to people who love to travel.

  1. Protective Smartphone case

A Smartphone though not indestructible, have integrated into most peoples lives. Moreover, online booking and dealings have increased of late. A protective Smartphone case would be an appropriate gift idea for travelers. Such protective covers are waterproof, dirt proof, and drop proof. For example Lifeproof Smartphone Case.

  1. Biolite CampStove 2

For camping or adventure lovers, there comes a time when there is need to prepare a quick meal. An efficient camp stove then becomes mandatory. However Biolite Camp Stove2 offers more; comes complete with kettle, grill and even produces electricity to charge your phone.

  1. Foldable Bag

A bag is an unavoidable while traveling. However it isn’t wise to t rely on one bag, have aback up plan. A foldable bag is a lovely gift for a traveler since it can play various roles; it can act as a laundry bag, grocery bag or even a beach bag. When your bag can’t check into a plane owing to its weight, Foldable Duffel Bag rescues.

  1. Travel Hammock

Hammock forms an appropriate gift for travelers due to its lightweight, easy package, and strength. Whenever one is tired and needs to catch a nap, tying it to the trees takes few minutes. From such an elevated position, the hammock offers a good view and cool breeze of the environment. Your adventurous friend will love you for a gift like the ENO Travel Hammock.

  1. Ear Translator

Travelling requires one to be acquainted with many languages. An ear translator helps overcome a language barrier. Google’s innovative Bluetooth Pixel Buds headphone together with the Pixel phone does the instant translation perfectly in 40 languages. The Pixel phone incorporates the Google for the real-time translation.

  1. Organized travel wallet

While planning for a journey, there is need to pack the travel documents safely and with easy reach. An organized travel wallet accomplishes that. It provides enough compartments to hold your passport, cash, boarding passes and a coin. Everything fits into place.

  1. Travel Pillow

Long flights demand the traveler positioning himself correctly. The head, neck or other limbs have to be positioned for extra comfort. Dish out this Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow as travel gift when you care about him or her.

  1. Power on the go

A Smartphone or camera is a must travel companions. Since these gadgets require constant charging, a reliable power bank is an excellent gift for an explorer. For example the Anker Powercore10000; small, compact and charges a phone three times.

  1. Noise Canceling Earphones

When traveling by train, airplanes or bus, there are distracting noises. Noise canceling earphones are a must traveling accessories; keeps one from the neighboring distractions.  Moreover, when you get a pair which is sweat proof and consumes less power, your travel enthusiast child will love it the more.

  1. Underwear storage Bag

Even while traveling one has to remain tidy. What’s a better gift to give your fiancé than a cute little bag for keeping her clothing like panties and bras?

  1. Copper Chef Pans

Always carry a pan that you can use to make nice pancakes. These pans can be used to make chapati, beef and chicken. Very delicious indeed.

Dec 29

Kitchen Gadgets for the Tech-Minded Home Cook


Kitchen Gadgets for the Tech-Minded Home Cook

Cooking is a daily task that is unavoidable. Over time technology has evolved and so much is now possible with the help of internet apps and home Wi-Fi network. The kitchen environment has not been left behind either. For the technically minded home cook, here are the smart kitchen gadgets to choose from;

  1. Samsung FamilyHub Smart Fridge

This is more than just the ordinary fridge. Every time you stock and close its door, it will employ its inbuilt camera to take a picture of its contents. The fridge will then send you an alert through your Smartphone on the items that you need to reorder. Such piece of information will come in very handy whenever you are at the store, wondering on the current state of the fridge and what needs to be reordered. Still, it will notify you about the food that has overstayed in the fridge and thus may go bad soon.

Moreover, the inbuilt touch screen allows you to visualize the ridges content without opening its door. Besides, it will also provide you with suggested recipes, stream music, and movies while you cook.

  1. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

Every great cook understands the importance of slow cookers and copper pans in the kitchen, more can be seen in this red copper pan reviews article. Thus the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker partners with the WeMo technology to provide even more convenient cooking experience. With that technology, you can remotely control the cooking temperature of the device via your Smartphone. Still, it permeates you to truck down the cooking process via your phone. That technology is helpful when you left something to cook, and unexpected delay has barred you from getting back in time. Since it is fitted with a six-quart capacity, there is sufficient room to cook just about any dish.

  1. Anova Sous Vide (cooking in a vacuumed plastic bag)

Ever thought of the benefit of preparing food in a sealed plastic bag?  You can realize the dream and reap its benefit with the help of this smart gadget Anova Sous Vide. The food to be cooked is the first vacuum sealed in a plastic pouch. Then you immerse it in a hot, preheated water of a preset temperature. The most significant benefit is that no moisture is lost and overcooking isn’t possible due to the preset temperature through the device.

  1. Philips Airfryer

Fried food has excellent taste but at the expense of patience and a lot of standing. Philips air fryer then comes in here. It resembles a deep fryer or Gotham steel pan uses less amount of oil; approximately teaspoonful of oil. That is possible since it employs the hot air technology in the cooking process. The result is a fast and even cooking, delivering the crunch you longed for at no extra fats or calories.

  1. Maverick ET-735 Wireless Thermometer

The best way to the perfect roast is to go low and slow. You have to get the temperature right to get the best result. Thanks to the wireless thermometer, with the device you won’t have to open your grill to check on your food. Opening the grill door will let out the heat hence interfering with the cooking process. Just insert the two probes into whatever you are cooking, and monitor its temperature at a maximum of 160 feet away. Roasting ribs or chicken has never been so easy with the help of this wireless thermometer.

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